Monday, June 29, 2009

Crafts Creation

This is a personal site where I share my arts and crafts ideas with others. I love doing drawings, paintings and crafts work, love working with both silk flowers and fresh flowers for floral arrangements. I do all sort of arts and crafts for all the different occassion such as wedding, party, thanksgiving, christmas, etc. Most of the crafts I've done were all for gifts, or as wedding presents. I don't have pictures for all the arts and crafts I've done, but I do have some that I can share.

I have done flowers aggrangements for a few weddings now. I have done bridal flowers arrangements, wedding table centerpieces and decorations. Wedding can be expensive, and flowers arrangements can be really expensive. You can still have a fabulous wedding flowers display with a modest budget. Anyone who shops around know how expensive bridal flower arrangement can be. Bridal bouquets alone (silk or fresh flowers) can range from at least $100 to over $200 easily, and that's not including the rest of wedding party or the table arrangements. All the weddings I've done were for my friends and family. And that was my wedding presents to them. All of them cost me between $200 to $500 for each of the weddings. Some of these costs include bridal party bouquets, wedding table centerpieces, guests table centerpieces, and other decorations for the weddings.

I love making table centerpiece arrangements, wreaths, christmas decorations for the christmas tree, as well as love drawing and painting. I have so many ideas for crafts. Basically when I see a certain candle holder or an object. The idea of turning those objects into a decoration or centerpiece just pop into my head. And I love making excuse or finding an excuse to make those idea into reality. My top excuses are usually who's birthday or what occassion in coming up for me to make them as gifts. lol

Aside from my crafts making passion, I also love doing visual arts. Most of my drawings and paintings were done back in highschool, which unfortunately.. I gave majority of my finished art work to my highschool. I find that with arts, it is different then doing crafts. Arts you need to be in the mood and have inspirations to do it. I mostly work with pencil drawings, water color and paints.

I would also like sharing some of the sculptures that a friend of mine gave them to me as gifts. He is so very talented in sculpting and graphic designs.