Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Craft Ideas: Hand Craft your own Christmas Ornament Balls

Here's one craft idea for you. Hand craft your own Christmas ornament balls. It is really simple to put together. All you need is one of those clear plastic balls that you can just snap the 2 halves together. It has a loop at the top that you can string ribbon through it for hanging. And you can usually find these clear plastic balls in craft store or online store. They come in different sizes, usually range from 3cm to 14cm in diameter.

Next, you get some filling for inside the ball. Here, I have a clear plastic ball, a Christmas pick, a bird (any kind of bird that you like) and a bit of pillow stuffing. Before you start, it is important to clean your plastic ball to remove and dust or dirt inside the halves. Next, you cut the stem from the Christmas pick so that it has a flat bottom. Then you sit your bird on the pick, you can hot glue it to the pick, or wired it down. Some birds come with wireds at their feet that allow you to do that. Put the stuffing at the bottom of the pick, and gently put the whole thing inside the 2 halves of the plastic ball. I like using the pillow stuff material in my designs, it gives the ornament a snowy effect. Make sure you situate your decoration to your liking before you snap the 2 halves together. And finally clean the outside of the plastic ball before you hang it on your Christmas tree.

So there you have it. A hang crafted Christmas ornament ball. Not only you can personalize your ornaments, they also make a great Christmas gift! They are simple and cheap to make. Unique and beautiful Christmas Ornament balls!

Craft Idea: Customize Hand Craft your own Cinnamon Sticks Christmas Ornaments

Need some ideas for crafting? Why not try hand craft your own cinnamon sticks Christmas Ornaments for your Christmas tree this Christmas season if you love crafting. Here's one craft idea for you that you can easily make it yourself. Cinnamon sticks Christmas ornaments!

It is really simple to make and a lot of fun to make it. All you need is some cinnamon sticks, assorted ribbons to tie 3-5 cinnamon sticks together. Give the ribbon enough length that you can hang the ornament on your Christmas tree. To make it colorful and attractive ornament, have something in the center of the cinnamon sticks as focal point. There are a lot of different stuff that you can use as focal point. The easiest way is to get some Christmas picks from any craft store and glue it on to the sticks. Of course you can always make your own decorations as I have done on my cinnamon sticks as shown in these pictures. I love using berries picks and just divide them among different ornaments.

Not only do these hand crafted ornaments give meaning to your Christmas tree, they also add a hint scent of cinnamon to your tree. They also make a great Christmas gift to those who love hand crafted stuff.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Christmas Front Door Wreath

Having a front door wreath really adds characteristic to your front door. Front door wreath is the first thing you see that welcoming you home. It is also the first thing your visitors will see when they are visiting you. With Christmas just around the corner, it is nice to have a Christmas front door wreath to add that season greeting feels to it.

This 18" Christmas front door wreath is a custom design made by myself. Since I'm having trouble finding the wreath I that like from anywhere, I decided to put a Christmas wreath together myself. I add couple of red poinsettias, white roses, all kinds of berries, couple of pine cones, and cinnamon sticks to give it cinnamon scent on the wreath when you come through the front door. I add a white transparent material bow on the upper corner of the wreath to balance this Christmas front door wreath that I've created.

If you can't find a wreath that you're looking for, or affordable price for the wreath, try making one yourself. It is always cheaper to buy your own materials, and there are usually good deals on Christmas stuff from craft stores at this time of the year. By making your own wreath, you'll know exactly what you want. So have fun and try to make it yourself!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Craft Idea: Turn Candle Holder into Flower Arrangement.

Here's a craft idea, while not using the hanging candle holder, why not turn it into an attractive flower arrangement. This is an elegant hanging candle holder that I bought from the Party Lite catalog. Beautiful good size hanging candle holder. One day I got tired of looking at the candle holder just hanging by the stair way while there's no candle burning in it. So I dig through my left over craft supplies, and found some stuff that I can turn this hanging candle holder into a hanging flower arrangement instead. With ivies hanging down to give it length, and a touch of purple flowers really turn this hanging candle holder into an attractive hanging flower arrangement.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Craft idea: From Dollar Store silk flowers to beautiful bouquet.

Would you believe me if I tell you the bouquet above is 90% made from Dollar Store silk flowers? Believe it or not, it's true. This is one of 3 bride's maid bouquets that I made for a friend's daughter wedding in November 2009. It's a Fall wedding theme. The bride loves the Fall leaves colors, but she doesn't like sunflower. So she provide me other types of flowers such as gladiolus and orchids, that she likes from Dollar Store.

Some people don't think that Dollar Store silk flowers are good enough for occasions such as wedding. Some would think that they are low quality just because the flowers are cheap. I disagree completely. With a creative mind, you can turn any cheap flowers into beautiful arrangements or bouquets.

Dollar Stores actually have a pretty nice selections on silk flowers now a days. It will definitely save you a lot money then buying wedding arrangements from floral shops. It's true that with professional, you are worry free of your wedding flowers arrangements but will definitely going to cost you. If you love doing crafts or someone you know that loves doing crafts, buy the cheap materials and make the arrangements yourself or have that craft loving someone do it for you.

This is exactly what happen here. They supply me with the materials, which are 90% from the Dollar Store. And since I love doing crafts, they've asked me to make the bridal bouquets for them. Material wise speaking, this bouquet costs less then $10 to make, where as from a floral shop, they can easily charge you over $100 especially if it is a fresh flower bouquet. (By the way, what you pay the most from floral shop arrangements is the labor cost. Some of the flowers can be cheap, but it is the labor cost for professional florist to make the arrangement that cost you a good chunk of money.) I made these bouquets for them with no charge, my excuse is.. it's my wedding gift to the family. For more of arrangements I've made for this wedding, please visit my Wedding Flower Arrangements- Home Made for more arrangements craft ideas.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Sunflower arrangement for your Fall decoration.

Fall season offers such a beautiful colours. Here's one of my bouquet idea for your Fall season display. You can have it as flower arrangement to brighten your home, or use it for Thanksgiving dinner table centerpiece, or for your Holloween display. You can use fresh flowers or silk flowers to make this. Here's what you need to put it together.

I found this bundle of sunflowers in a craft store. But as I mention before, you can use fresh sunflowers for this, altho they won't last more then 2 weeks.
* You'll need about 6-12 silk sunflowers, with each flower no more then 6" wide. If you're using fresh flowers, do note that it'll look nicer if you have at least 6 flowers. But it'll make a much bigger arrangement due to the size of fresh sunflower.
* You'll need to get some filler flowers. I use Limonium for the filler. You can easily buy a bundle of limonium from floral stores in the filler section. Not only does limonium makes a great filler for fresh flowers, it keeps really well as dried flowers as well. I use the dried limonium for all kinds of flowers arrangements I made. So you need about 2-4 branches of limonium.
* Next, you'll need about 6-12 wheat. You can buy bundle of wheat (as shown in picture) from a craft store or floral store.
* Lastly, also an optional, get some ribbons or tulle (lacey material). The tulle that I use is about a foot wide, and they are commonly use for wedding arrangements.

You'll need some sort of vase for the arrangement to sit in of course.

- So cut the flowers to desire length and put them in the vase. I do recommend a pyramid shape for the flower pattern. As in having a center flower at the highest length, and next layer of flowers will slightly be shorter in length then the middle one. Having 3 layers would be nice. You basically want a pyramid effect or a round shape in your main flower display.

- Next you cut the limonium to desire length to fill in the gap between the flowers.

- Then you cut the wheat to desire length and fill them in around the flowers. You want the wheat to stick out a bit, but not overly too much.
- And lastly, you tie your ribbon or tulle around the vase and the result is what you see.
It's really simple and easy to put together this arrangement and it makes a gorgeous display for your home. Of course, this arrangement can easily be turn into a wedding bouquet as well. So have fun putting this sunflower arrangement together and enjoy it!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Craft your own table centerpiece for Thanksgiving.

Fall has arrived, with cooler temperature and leaves are turning colors all around you. With Thanksgiving just around the corner (Canadian Thanksgiving anyways), any thoughts on your table centerpiece for your Thanksgiving dinner? Here are couple of my ideas for table centerpieces for your Thanksgiving dinner table setting. Here's how I put together the above centerpiece together.

1. I have a set of floating candle stand at home. It's about a foot tall. You can use any type of candle stands for this, just as long as it's tall enough in the center to give it height.
2. Next you find a flat plate, any plate will do just as long as it's at least 10" wide and it's flat. You place the candle stand in the middle.
3. Fill the edge of the plate with fall leaves. You can use fresh leaves, but I suggest you clean them well first and dry them with paper towel. Or you can find any fall colour leaves in any craft store at this time of year.
4. You fill all sort of fresh fruits, or artificial fruits around the base of the plate. I use couple of oranges, apples, some grapes, and bananas.
5. Then you fill the holes in between the fruits with either fresh Fall colour flowers (sunflowers for example) or artificial flowers. In the case above, I used a combination of silk flowers and dried flowers.
And the result is what you see above. It's real simple and easy to make, it is bright and beautiful, and your guests will love it too if you use fresh fruits. Makes a good fruit desert centerpiece.

This table centerpiece is actually a glass shaped gord candle holder surrounded by Fall leaves and flowers. I actually found this candle holder in a grocery store from it's seasonal items zone. It came with gord shape like this one, and a pumpkin shape candle holder. I bought a foam ring from craft store that design to use it as wreath making. But in this case, I designed it as a ring of Fall flowers for the candle holder to sit in the middle. It makes yet another good table centerpiece for your Thanksgiving dinner party, or event for a Halloween event display.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Arts & Crafts at 165th Richmond Fair

Richmond, Ontario, is about 1/2 hour of drive by car south-west of Ottawa. And for those who didn't know, Ottawa is the capital city of Canada. My in-laws moved to Richmond early this year, so that gave us a reason to visit Richmond often.

Richmond is a quiet little town surrounds by farm lands and nurseries. Every year in September, the town host a 4 days fair. This year, they celebrate 165th year of the Richmond Fair from Sept 17th- 20th. The Fair is surprising big for being such a small town. There are lots to do, and lots to see.

One of the many highlights at the fair is arts & crafts show. Pictures here are just a small portion of they have at the arts & craft show. They have quilt crafting, photo art, flower arrangements, and arts and crafts from local schools students as well. Aside from all these fantastic arts and craft show, they also have arts and crafts sales. A lot of neat and pretty crafts for sales. Read up on my hubpage about 165th Richmond Fair, or to see more photos from the fair on the hubpage.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Amazing paper crafted Castle.

I just want to share a site that i found for this beautiful Castle that is entirely crafted from paper only. It is done by Wataru Itou, a university student that spent over four years to craft this master piece. He named it “Castle on the Ocean”. It even complete with electrical lights and a moving train. This entire piece measures 2.4m by 1.8m and is 1m high. This is truly an amazing arts & crafts combine! Definitely on my list of things to visit when I go to Japan.

Paper crafted "Castle on the Ocean".

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Craft Idea

Ordinary into Extrodinary.

Ever have any thing plain laying around the house collecting dust? Why not craft them up and make them more attractive and be the center of attention.

Here's one example of a fairy statue for your garden display. Since weather is starting to turn cold and winter season will soon be upon us. It is time to clean up the garden in the Fall, and start bringing in more fragile plants or statues (like this fairy here) into the house for over winter. Of course, rather then letting the fairy statue collecting dust during the winter season, you can craft it up as a centerpiece for others to admire. All I did was touch it up with flowers and greenary leaves that I have left over from other craft projects. It now becomes a display piece to brighten your home. After you crafted it up, it can stays like this in the house all year round of course, it doesn't have to be use as a garden accent at all. And if you really into painting, you can always paint the statue. Picture below is the same fairy statue I gave to my mother in-law. As you can see, she painted the statue and display it as an ornament in her house. So there are many things that you can do to turn an ordinary object into an extrodinary object. These are just couple of examples of alternative ways to display your garden statue. Happy crafting now. :)

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Painting: Child of the Universe

Aside from doing crafts, I also enjoy doing visual art. Problem is that I can't seems to finish a drawing or painting when I'm out of inspiration. Yup.. I have a quite a few unfinish art work. lol And the art works that I do finished usually ended up given away as gifts. I actually kind of regret not keeping most of them now. lol Majority of the arts I've done was during my high school years. I was quite good at it. I know my arts teachers were disappointed because all their best students did not persue arts as a career.

I just want to share one of the paintings I've done long after the high school years. Most of my creativities come in a whim, and I'd be overwhelm by the urge to make it comes to life whether it's an art work or a craft idea. I called this painting Child of the Universe, because the universe is this fairy birth place. I just suddenly got the idea one day and started painting. I've always fond of fairy creatures, and the universe never sieze to wonder me. Yes.. before you ask, astronomy is also one of my passion as well. I hope you'll enjoy the painting, or inspire your creative ideas.

Monday, August 31, 2009

Clay Sculptures

I just want to share a couple of sculptures my friend Kris made for me. He is a graphic designer who's very into arts & crafts and various things. These 2 sculptures were given to me by him as Christmas presents. They are made of clay and they are inscent burner. They have a halo base that I can put a cone inscent underneath them. when the inscent burns, the smoke from the inscent comes out of the eyes and the mouth of the left hand side picture (he named it Queen of Thorns). And inscent smoke will pour out of the dragon mouth for the other one. They are super cool and I love them so much. Here are a few more Sculptures that he made.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Floating candle arrangement

It was my Aunt's birthday this weekend, and I was pondering all week what to get her for a gift eventho they said no gift. I was going to get some fresh flowers and make an arrangement for her, but then again fresh flowers only lasts up to a week and what a waste. Then on saturday the idea came to me at last few hours before the dinner. Since I have a lot of left over materials from all the previous stuff I made, why not make something more long lasting for her.

So I search through my crafts stuff and found a glass bowl floating candle. So I decided to make an arrangement using that. Fist of all, make sure you clean the inside of the bowl. I get some flowers and a bit of cotton stuffing together and started putting them into the bowl. Put in the white stuffing first, then put in the yellow orchid and the rose. Fill in the rose bud on the other side, and fill in the berries branches andthe filler flowers. And finally give a good clean to the candle holder and the outside bowl. And this is the end result for the floating candle arrangement.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Crafts Creation

This is a personal site where I share my arts and crafts ideas with others. I love doing drawings, paintings and crafts work, love working with both silk flowers and fresh flowers for floral arrangements. I do all sort of arts and crafts for all the different occassion such as wedding, party, thanksgiving, christmas, etc. Most of the crafts I've done were all for gifts, or as wedding presents. I don't have pictures for all the arts and crafts I've done, but I do have some that I can share.

I have done flowers aggrangements for a few weddings now. I have done bridal flowers arrangements, wedding table centerpieces and decorations. Wedding can be expensive, and flowers arrangements can be really expensive. You can still have a fabulous wedding flowers display with a modest budget. Anyone who shops around know how expensive bridal flower arrangement can be. Bridal bouquets alone (silk or fresh flowers) can range from at least $100 to over $200 easily, and that's not including the rest of wedding party or the table arrangements. All the weddings I've done were for my friends and family. And that was my wedding presents to them. All of them cost me between $200 to $500 for each of the weddings. Some of these costs include bridal party bouquets, wedding table centerpieces, guests table centerpieces, and other decorations for the weddings.

I love making table centerpiece arrangements, wreaths, christmas decorations for the christmas tree, as well as love drawing and painting. I have so many ideas for crafts. Basically when I see a certain candle holder or an object. The idea of turning those objects into a decoration or centerpiece just pop into my head. And I love making excuse or finding an excuse to make those idea into reality. My top excuses are usually who's birthday or what occassion in coming up for me to make them as gifts. lol

Aside from my crafts making passion, I also love doing visual arts. Most of my drawings and paintings were done back in highschool, which unfortunately.. I gave majority of my finished art work to my highschool. I find that with arts, it is different then doing crafts. Arts you need to be in the mood and have inspirations to do it. I mostly work with pencil drawings, water color and paints.

I would also like sharing some of the sculptures that a friend of mine gave them to me as gifts. He is so very talented in sculpting and graphic designs.