Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Craft Ideas: Hand Craft your own Christmas Ornament Balls

Here's one craft idea for you. Hand craft your own Christmas ornament balls. It is really simple to put together. All you need is one of those clear plastic balls that you can just snap the 2 halves together. It has a loop at the top that you can string ribbon through it for hanging. And you can usually find these clear plastic balls in craft store or online store. They come in different sizes, usually range from 3cm to 14cm in diameter.

Next, you get some filling for inside the ball. Here, I have a clear plastic ball, a Christmas pick, a bird (any kind of bird that you like) and a bit of pillow stuffing. Before you start, it is important to clean your plastic ball to remove and dust or dirt inside the halves. Next, you cut the stem from the Christmas pick so that it has a flat bottom. Then you sit your bird on the pick, you can hot glue it to the pick, or wired it down. Some birds come with wireds at their feet that allow you to do that. Put the stuffing at the bottom of the pick, and gently put the whole thing inside the 2 halves of the plastic ball. I like using the pillow stuff material in my designs, it gives the ornament a snowy effect. Make sure you situate your decoration to your liking before you snap the 2 halves together. And finally clean the outside of the plastic ball before you hang it on your Christmas tree.

So there you have it. A hang crafted Christmas ornament ball. Not only you can personalize your ornaments, they also make a great Christmas gift! They are simple and cheap to make. Unique and beautiful Christmas Ornament balls!

Craft Idea: Customize Hand Craft your own Cinnamon Sticks Christmas Ornaments

Need some ideas for crafting? Why not try hand craft your own cinnamon sticks Christmas Ornaments for your Christmas tree this Christmas season if you love crafting. Here's one craft idea for you that you can easily make it yourself. Cinnamon sticks Christmas ornaments!

It is really simple to make and a lot of fun to make it. All you need is some cinnamon sticks, assorted ribbons to tie 3-5 cinnamon sticks together. Give the ribbon enough length that you can hang the ornament on your Christmas tree. To make it colorful and attractive ornament, have something in the center of the cinnamon sticks as focal point. There are a lot of different stuff that you can use as focal point. The easiest way is to get some Christmas picks from any craft store and glue it on to the sticks. Of course you can always make your own decorations as I have done on my cinnamon sticks as shown in these pictures. I love using berries picks and just divide them among different ornaments.

Not only do these hand crafted ornaments give meaning to your Christmas tree, they also add a hint scent of cinnamon to your tree. They also make a great Christmas gift to those who love hand crafted stuff.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Christmas Front Door Wreath

Having a front door wreath really adds characteristic to your front door. Front door wreath is the first thing you see that welcoming you home. It is also the first thing your visitors will see when they are visiting you. With Christmas just around the corner, it is nice to have a Christmas front door wreath to add that season greeting feels to it.

This 18" Christmas front door wreath is a custom design made by myself. Since I'm having trouble finding the wreath I that like from anywhere, I decided to put a Christmas wreath together myself. I add couple of red poinsettias, white roses, all kinds of berries, couple of pine cones, and cinnamon sticks to give it cinnamon scent on the wreath when you come through the front door. I add a white transparent material bow on the upper corner of the wreath to balance this Christmas front door wreath that I've created.

If you can't find a wreath that you're looking for, or affordable price for the wreath, try making one yourself. It is always cheaper to buy your own materials, and there are usually good deals on Christmas stuff from craft stores at this time of the year. By making your own wreath, you'll know exactly what you want. So have fun and try to make it yourself!