Monday, August 31, 2009

Clay Sculptures

I just want to share a couple of sculptures my friend Kris made for me. He is a graphic designer who's very into arts & crafts and various things. These 2 sculptures were given to me by him as Christmas presents. They are made of clay and they are inscent burner. They have a halo base that I can put a cone inscent underneath them. when the inscent burns, the smoke from the inscent comes out of the eyes and the mouth of the left hand side picture (he named it Queen of Thorns). And inscent smoke will pour out of the dragon mouth for the other one. They are super cool and I love them so much. Here are a few more Sculptures that he made.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Floating candle arrangement

It was my Aunt's birthday this weekend, and I was pondering all week what to get her for a gift eventho they said no gift. I was going to get some fresh flowers and make an arrangement for her, but then again fresh flowers only lasts up to a week and what a waste. Then on saturday the idea came to me at last few hours before the dinner. Since I have a lot of left over materials from all the previous stuff I made, why not make something more long lasting for her.

So I search through my crafts stuff and found a glass bowl floating candle. So I decided to make an arrangement using that. Fist of all, make sure you clean the inside of the bowl. I get some flowers and a bit of cotton stuffing together and started putting them into the bowl. Put in the white stuffing first, then put in the yellow orchid and the rose. Fill in the rose bud on the other side, and fill in the berries branches andthe filler flowers. And finally give a good clean to the candle holder and the outside bowl. And this is the end result for the floating candle arrangement.