Monday, November 2, 2009

Craft idea: From Dollar Store silk flowers to beautiful bouquet.

Would you believe me if I tell you the bouquet above is 90% made from Dollar Store silk flowers? Believe it or not, it's true. This is one of 3 bride's maid bouquets that I made for a friend's daughter wedding in November 2009. It's a Fall wedding theme. The bride loves the Fall leaves colors, but she doesn't like sunflower. So she provide me other types of flowers such as gladiolus and orchids, that she likes from Dollar Store.

Some people don't think that Dollar Store silk flowers are good enough for occasions such as wedding. Some would think that they are low quality just because the flowers are cheap. I disagree completely. With a creative mind, you can turn any cheap flowers into beautiful arrangements or bouquets.

Dollar Stores actually have a pretty nice selections on silk flowers now a days. It will definitely save you a lot money then buying wedding arrangements from floral shops. It's true that with professional, you are worry free of your wedding flowers arrangements but will definitely going to cost you. If you love doing crafts or someone you know that loves doing crafts, buy the cheap materials and make the arrangements yourself or have that craft loving someone do it for you.

This is exactly what happen here. They supply me with the materials, which are 90% from the Dollar Store. And since I love doing crafts, they've asked me to make the bridal bouquets for them. Material wise speaking, this bouquet costs less then $10 to make, where as from a floral shop, they can easily charge you over $100 especially if it is a fresh flower bouquet. (By the way, what you pay the most from floral shop arrangements is the labor cost. Some of the flowers can be cheap, but it is the labor cost for professional florist to make the arrangement that cost you a good chunk of money.) I made these bouquets for them with no charge, my excuse is.. it's my wedding gift to the family. For more of arrangements I've made for this wedding, please visit my Wedding Flower Arrangements- Home Made for more arrangements craft ideas.

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