Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Sunflower arrangement for your Fall decoration.

Fall season offers such a beautiful colours. Here's one of my bouquet idea for your Fall season display. You can have it as flower arrangement to brighten your home, or use it for Thanksgiving dinner table centerpiece, or for your Holloween display. You can use fresh flowers or silk flowers to make this. Here's what you need to put it together.

I found this bundle of sunflowers in a craft store. But as I mention before, you can use fresh sunflowers for this, altho they won't last more then 2 weeks.
* You'll need about 6-12 silk sunflowers, with each flower no more then 6" wide. If you're using fresh flowers, do note that it'll look nicer if you have at least 6 flowers. But it'll make a much bigger arrangement due to the size of fresh sunflower.
* You'll need to get some filler flowers. I use Limonium for the filler. You can easily buy a bundle of limonium from floral stores in the filler section. Not only does limonium makes a great filler for fresh flowers, it keeps really well as dried flowers as well. I use the dried limonium for all kinds of flowers arrangements I made. So you need about 2-4 branches of limonium.
* Next, you'll need about 6-12 wheat. You can buy bundle of wheat (as shown in picture) from a craft store or floral store.
* Lastly, also an optional, get some ribbons or tulle (lacey material). The tulle that I use is about a foot wide, and they are commonly use for wedding arrangements.

You'll need some sort of vase for the arrangement to sit in of course.

- So cut the flowers to desire length and put them in the vase. I do recommend a pyramid shape for the flower pattern. As in having a center flower at the highest length, and next layer of flowers will slightly be shorter in length then the middle one. Having 3 layers would be nice. You basically want a pyramid effect or a round shape in your main flower display.

- Next you cut the limonium to desire length to fill in the gap between the flowers.

- Then you cut the wheat to desire length and fill them in around the flowers. You want the wheat to stick out a bit, but not overly too much.
- And lastly, you tie your ribbon or tulle around the vase and the result is what you see.
It's really simple and easy to put together this arrangement and it makes a gorgeous display for your home. Of course, this arrangement can easily be turn into a wedding bouquet as well. So have fun putting this sunflower arrangement together and enjoy it!

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