Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Craft Idea

Ordinary into Extrodinary.

Ever have any thing plain laying around the house collecting dust? Why not craft them up and make them more attractive and be the center of attention.

Here's one example of a fairy statue for your garden display. Since weather is starting to turn cold and winter season will soon be upon us. It is time to clean up the garden in the Fall, and start bringing in more fragile plants or statues (like this fairy here) into the house for over winter. Of course, rather then letting the fairy statue collecting dust during the winter season, you can craft it up as a centerpiece for others to admire. All I did was touch it up with flowers and greenary leaves that I have left over from other craft projects. It now becomes a display piece to brighten your home. After you crafted it up, it can stays like this in the house all year round of course, it doesn't have to be use as a garden accent at all. And if you really into painting, you can always paint the statue. Picture below is the same fairy statue I gave to my mother in-law. As you can see, she painted the statue and display it as an ornament in her house. So there are many things that you can do to turn an ordinary object into an extrodinary object. These are just couple of examples of alternative ways to display your garden statue. Happy crafting now. :)

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