Sunday, September 6, 2009

Painting: Child of the Universe

Aside from doing crafts, I also enjoy doing visual art. Problem is that I can't seems to finish a drawing or painting when I'm out of inspiration. Yup.. I have a quite a few unfinish art work. lol And the art works that I do finished usually ended up given away as gifts. I actually kind of regret not keeping most of them now. lol Majority of the arts I've done was during my high school years. I was quite good at it. I know my arts teachers were disappointed because all their best students did not persue arts as a career.

I just want to share one of the paintings I've done long after the high school years. Most of my creativities come in a whim, and I'd be overwhelm by the urge to make it comes to life whether it's an art work or a craft idea. I called this painting Child of the Universe, because the universe is this fairy birth place. I just suddenly got the idea one day and started painting. I've always fond of fairy creatures, and the universe never sieze to wonder me. Yes.. before you ask, astronomy is also one of my passion as well. I hope you'll enjoy the painting, or inspire your creative ideas.

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