Monday, September 28, 2009

Arts & Crafts at 165th Richmond Fair

Richmond, Ontario, is about 1/2 hour of drive by car south-west of Ottawa. And for those who didn't know, Ottawa is the capital city of Canada. My in-laws moved to Richmond early this year, so that gave us a reason to visit Richmond often.

Richmond is a quiet little town surrounds by farm lands and nurseries. Every year in September, the town host a 4 days fair. This year, they celebrate 165th year of the Richmond Fair from Sept 17th- 20th. The Fair is surprising big for being such a small town. There are lots to do, and lots to see.

One of the many highlights at the fair is arts & crafts show. Pictures here are just a small portion of they have at the arts & craft show. They have quilt crafting, photo art, flower arrangements, and arts and crafts from local schools students as well. Aside from all these fantastic arts and craft show, they also have arts and crafts sales. A lot of neat and pretty crafts for sales. Read up on my hubpage about 165th Richmond Fair, or to see more photos from the fair on the hubpage.

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