Thursday, October 8, 2009

Craft your own table centerpiece for Thanksgiving.

Fall has arrived, with cooler temperature and leaves are turning colors all around you. With Thanksgiving just around the corner (Canadian Thanksgiving anyways), any thoughts on your table centerpiece for your Thanksgiving dinner? Here are couple of my ideas for table centerpieces for your Thanksgiving dinner table setting. Here's how I put together the above centerpiece together.

1. I have a set of floating candle stand at home. It's about a foot tall. You can use any type of candle stands for this, just as long as it's tall enough in the center to give it height.
2. Next you find a flat plate, any plate will do just as long as it's at least 10" wide and it's flat. You place the candle stand in the middle.
3. Fill the edge of the plate with fall leaves. You can use fresh leaves, but I suggest you clean them well first and dry them with paper towel. Or you can find any fall colour leaves in any craft store at this time of year.
4. You fill all sort of fresh fruits, or artificial fruits around the base of the plate. I use couple of oranges, apples, some grapes, and bananas.
5. Then you fill the holes in between the fruits with either fresh Fall colour flowers (sunflowers for example) or artificial flowers. In the case above, I used a combination of silk flowers and dried flowers.
And the result is what you see above. It's real simple and easy to make, it is bright and beautiful, and your guests will love it too if you use fresh fruits. Makes a good fruit desert centerpiece.

This table centerpiece is actually a glass shaped gord candle holder surrounded by Fall leaves and flowers. I actually found this candle holder in a grocery store from it's seasonal items zone. It came with gord shape like this one, and a pumpkin shape candle holder. I bought a foam ring from craft store that design to use it as wreath making. But in this case, I designed it as a ring of Fall flowers for the candle holder to sit in the middle. It makes yet another good table centerpiece for your Thanksgiving dinner party, or event for a Halloween event display.

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